R.I.P. Aunt Susie

Our day today was about honoring our Aunt Susie. Always the life of the party, she was literally in our home one day and gone the next. You will be missed.



Mostly Natural Homemade Deep Treatment

So today I decided to try my version of a homeade deep treatment for hair!  I’ve been stalking the Curly Nikki site (a great site for natural hair care) for a few weeks to get ideas for Sister Sweetheart (SS) and her mass of natural curls,  but I figured even with a relaxer, the deep treatment recipes would be good for me too.

So using the ingredients that I already had, I mixed and matched couple of recipes to come up with this:



2 tbs. Mayo

1 tbs. Coconut Oil (great for cooking too!)

1 tbs. EVOO

1 tbs. Raw Honey

1 egg


Since my hair is so short, I didn’t want to make too much and have it go to waste, so I DID NOT include the egg. Besides, the egg and the mayo both serve the same purpose, protein, so I was fine with leaving it out.  I put it all in a bowl, and zapped it in the microwave for about 10 seconds.  This made all the ingredients pliable enough for me to mix and this is the result:



The great thing is it doesn’t smell bad!  I let it sit on my hair for about 30 minutes.  This concoction is very drippy, so you definitely need a towel!




Then I shampooed as I normally would, molded and sat under the dryer.  I must say, my hair is feeling very soft and silky (so cliche, but so true).












I can’t wait to try this on my daughter’s mane!


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