Those Hands

So sweet and precious. Those little hands make my heart skip a beat every time I hold them!



Skies Are Grey

This was taken right outside of my house this morning buy Hubs. I think it’s a very striking photo.


She Got It From Her Momma

So, I absolutely hated that song when it came out years ago, but the beat was so catchy that the phrase has become a part of our culture.

Pretty much everyone that knows me, knows I ADORE accessories and I can honestly say that I got it from my Momma. Her collection was bananas and I wear many of her pieces daily. As I figure out what this blog is about, I thought I’d share some pics of my “Accessory(ies) of the Day.”

Let me know what you think and what information I can add to make this more interesting 


This isn’t one of Mom’s, but I do love it. From Ann Taylor Loft and I got it on sale for $12!

My Mini Me

Helping Dimples get dressed this morning made me realize how much of a big girl she has become. It made me proud and made my heart break at the same time. She doesn’t want anymore ponytails, cutesy bows or the cute little girl stuff I like to put on her! Instead, she wants to put on clothes and accessories like mine she says.

I know I have to embrace it and let her express herself and it really is fun to see her exercising her big girl taste.



And here’s what she look likes after some time at the mall with Grandma. Her own picks…


Excuse Me?!

This is what 6 year old attitude looks like. I can’t take it. Daddy needs to come back quick!




My baby created this is art class today. She was so proud of it and we were so impressed. We think it’s fabulous! I was also impressed that she learned a life lesson. See what looks like smoke coming out of one of the building? Well actually it’s spilled paint, but she was OK with that mistake, choosing to own it and add it as a positive element to her artwork.

That’s growth and a lesson that some adults could learn from. I think I’ll frame this as a forever piece for her and a reminder for us.


Naptime is Precious

I usually can’t wait for naptime! Then I can’t wait until she wakes up again so we can play.


The Tape Trick

Dimples gets up every night and comes to our bed! That coupled with the fact that baby Bright Eyes is already in there because we’re still nursing does not make for a good night’s sleep (yawn). Hence, the tape trick! I first read about it at Prudent Baby, while perusing the net.

The short story is that every time Dimples gets up and comes to our bed, we move the door to the next piece of tape when we take her back to her room. The thinking is that she won’t want to get to the point where the door is closed and will stay put. I hope this works!


R.I.P. Aunt Susie

Our day today was about honoring our Aunt Susie. Always the life of the party, she was literally in our home one day and gone the next. You will be missed.


Mostly Natural Homemade Deep Treatment

So today I decided to try my version of a homeade deep treatment for hair!  I’ve been stalking the Curly Nikki site (a great site for natural hair care) for a few weeks to get ideas for Sister Sweetheart (SS) and her mass of natural curls,  but I figured even with a relaxer, the deep treatment recipes would be good for me too.

So using the ingredients that I already had, I mixed and matched couple of recipes to come up with this:



2 tbs. Mayo

1 tbs. Coconut Oil (great for cooking too!)

1 tbs. EVOO

1 tbs. Raw Honey

1 egg


Since my hair is so short, I didn’t want to make too much and have it go to waste, so I DID NOT include the egg. Besides, the egg and the mayo both serve the same purpose, protein, so I was fine with leaving it out.  I put it all in a bowl, and zapped it in the microwave for about 10 seconds.  This made all the ingredients pliable enough for me to mix and this is the result:



The great thing is it doesn’t smell bad!  I let it sit on my hair for about 30 minutes.  This concoction is very drippy, so you definitely need a towel!




Then I shampooed as I normally would, molded and sat under the dryer.  I must say, my hair is feeling very soft and silky (so cliche, but so true).












I can’t wait to try this on my daughter’s mane!